Sean Lock - Lockipedia Live DVD

Joe Coyle 08/12/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Best Known as the team captain of Channel 4's “8 Out Of 10 Cats”, Sean Lock is back with his brand new stand-up DVD Lockipedia Live.

Lockipedia is what Sean “knows'' about stuff , in essence, like Wikipedia, a series of unconnected subjects.

Sean's second DVD is a look into his encyclopedic mind to see how it works. Full of great insights, Sean's own brand of observational comedy is a joy to behold. Lock is such a great talent he actually invites the audience to shout things out to him so he can explain them. It's refreshing to see such genuine audience interaction from a comedian and demonstrates the quickness of Lock's comedy brain.

An outwardly a sober looking comedian, bespectacled Sean provides a myriad of fun. Relaxed and confident from the moment he hits the stage to rapturous applause. Lock's brand of calculating self depreciation seems to try and hide the fact that he is criminally underrated in mainstream comedy.

Lock's regularly biting satire and ridiculousness are a delight to immerse yourself in. At times Sean tackles well worn comedy topics but makes them feel fresh and new due to his sense of wonder and playfulness coupled with his impeccable comedy timing.

Watching Lock sail through his routine is like watching a master tradesman at work. It's very rare to see a stand up this accomplished at the top of his game. Every nuance and word seems to have been crafted lovingly to create the best effect. This is definitely one of the best DVDs to treat yourself to this Christmas.