Over The Wall - The Rise And Fall Of Over The Wall

Alex Skinner 30/12/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Euphoric left field electro indie outfit Over The Wall release a delicately rangy E.P that's bustling with warm energy. The Glaswegian lads obtain a captivating mixed bag of sounds. This is evident through track one THURSO. THURSO, which starts off in a sombre manner with a flavoursome harmonica. In amongst this heartwarming buildup there is a cacophony of brass thrown in as if by magic. Magic I say. As it does, the second track GIMME FIVE. GIMME FIVE confirms that this E.P is well worth many rotations. It's a lovingly prepared affair with lyrics laced in an essence of honesty, tugging ever so gently on the heartstrings.

We then sail towards track three FLOODS. FLOODS is more of a dark, glum track that feels euphoric after the comedown of the previous beauty. Closing out with A GRAND DEFEAT. A GRAND DEFEAT slowly pitters out slightly in comparison, but remains a worthy track nonetheless, more of a slow burner. In the grand scheme of things these two Scottish minstrels who are full of warm ideas and honest thoughts.

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