Damien* - Unaware Unaware

Tiffany Daniels 22/03/2010

Rating: 3/5

Trio Damien* confide that they take influence from three eras of music: the 1980's doom synth, the witty cynics of 1990s Britpop, and more contemporary scuzz, math rock and electro. The combination of all three tears is a challenge in itself; to delicately balance bleep against guitar, cryptic message against social reform, lo-fi against crystal clear production.

As it turns out, the balance is not nearly so difficult to find, as on 'Unaware Unaware' the band gracefully neglect all wit and most of the 1980s. They also fail to compare to modern day competition; Late of the Pier can sleep safe in the knowledge that their platform is not under threat. What the single does present is a medley of left of the centre 1990s gutter rock, and a small dose of indie-disco leverage. If the vocals were deducted from this material, it would symbolise all that is right about Editors; with vocals present, it's a decent stab at current trend.

Put short, 'Unaware Unaware' is entirely inoffensive, and because of that it fails to spark. Damien* clearly have the talent needed to present a new genre to the table; this is almost documented evidence of them clawing their way out of a boundary. The hurdle they have left to jump is a big one: they must forget their peers, and not get their aspirations so bound up in previous musicians' success.

Release Date: Out Now