Bonobo, Andreya Triana - Eyesdown

Richard Wink 09/03/2010

Rating: 2.5/5

Settling down to a downtempo groove, 'Eyesdown' is sleep inducing, or should I say relaxing? See, it puzzles me this borderline ambient stuff. Is it music that is meant to soundtrack an hour long soapy soak in the bath, or background music for when you invite a few pals round for a chinwag and a few glasses of Pinot noir?

The beats are intricate, woven in a variety of layers, yet tentative. They don't provoke any response or movement. The four mixes of 'Eyesdown' that feature on this single are unable to wake any sleeping giant that may be slumped under this duvet of melancholia; frustratingly the mixes also cannot embellish the vocal contribution that comes from Andreya Trianan, she sounds a little like Roisin Murphy after three bottles of Night Nurse.

Layers, they don't mean much if the track is so laid back it flops sideways. 'Eyesdown' is seemingly destined to feature in the trailers for wildlife documentaries and silver grey car adverts in the near future.