Immune - Untitled 5-track sampler

Miss Fliss 01/09/2008

Rating: 1/5

Lostprohets caught with their trousers down with The Killers. Not a pretty thought is it? To make matters worse in this emo rock synth hell, Immune see fit to howl stroppy teenager lyrics that go: Why don't I just die / Why won't they let me? Just what the world needs.

This is pretty standard fare rock-songs-for-angst-wrought-youth. You know the types, scowl at you underneath kitty-ear hoodies, have entire arms covered in tacky plastic bracelets, and pine for a tattoo of Gerard Way's face on the back of their neck, God help us.

Surprisingly, the band Immune hail from Norway. I hope you were surprised to hear that as that could well be the only interesting thing about them other than their funny ideas about splicing sprightly synths and done-to-death buzzing emo rock guitars.