The Fallacy - The Fallacy

Lauren McKettrick 00/00/0000

Rating: 3/5

Guitar based indie/pop group, The Fallacy are a band based around singer songwriter Ricki Webber and are already receiving huge response.

Davina Davina is a pure indie song. Moaning and droning distorted vocals with distorted guitars and heavy repetitive riffs and a tinkle of drums in the background. The main guitar riff does carry the song along nicely but in a jagged and vigorous manner.

Next up is 'You Just Said' which is a lovely serene acoustic track with a gentle guitar rhythm and soft vocals although the chorus weakens the song with its cheesy backing vocals and cliché lyrics (“baby don't you know you're my lady, don't you know you're driving me crazy”) but the most likeable of these tracks.

Lastly, 'Who Needs Two' is heavily distorted and starts to painfully scratch through the speakers but manages still to have ingredients of a catchy up beat pop song with its soft quiet drums and the guitar laying down the rhythm - although the solo was rather disappointing.

Influences from The Rolling Stones and The Stone Roses seem strongly evident through out these songs and in a way, take the attention off the actual fairly good standard of song-writing. More individuality and then maybe there could be something to get excited about.