Paul Steel - In a Coma

TC 24/07/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Paul Steel comes from Worthing and has an album out called 'Moon Rock' from whence this frightful item has been extracted!

He cites influences of The Beach Boys and Elvis Costello but sounds here like 10cc or The Buggles. It's got moronic hand clapping on it, chimes from a cheap organ and a tune that was surely lifted from a Children's TV show. Its lyrical quality is quite astounding: - "I'm in a coma, in a coma, in a coma but it cannot sing or shout. I need a doctor, need a doctor, need a doctor 'cause I need sorting out". Paul, I think it might take more than a doctor to clear this one up for you!

Why do people like this secure record deals whilst there are literally hordes of quality artists being ignored?

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