Thee Uncomfortables - Where Did I Sleep Last Night

Richard Wink 21/08/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

There is a lot to like about Thee Uncomfortables, they seem to have fallen through a time warp and found themselves in a strange parallel universe mixing surf rock guitars, doo wop and a hybrid of stylish skiffle and ska.

'Where did I Sleep Last Night?' reminds me a bit of The Kords if they were produced by Lee Hazelwood; in modern terms it is The Horrors during their debut album Strange House mixed with some of the more enlightened moments from The Rumble Strips. Don't be alarmed by that second comparison, the track is fun, a nod to the past but the essence is not lost in nostalgia. The lyrics paint a paranoid picture, “Time and money / You can't have both” fitting for a country deep in Recession.

The B-Side 'Don't Be Mad With Me, Spike' contains melodies to cherish. The harmonies are similar to that of The Housemartins during their unlikely commercial pomp. Thee Uncomfortables reveal themselves to be in touch with the past where pop sensibilities were delivered with deft aplomb.

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