Bloom - B Like Water

Natasha Footman 28/04/2006

Rating: 2/5

Today's lesson; how to make a Bloom track.

1. Pick song names with obviously unimaginative titles
2. Start off with a basic intro
3. Add in generic vocals
4. Throw in a few ABAB rhyme scheme verses and choruses
5. Mix in an upbeat bridge
6. Finish off with a fading guitar chord

Bloom do things the 'proper' way; they set out their songs to the standard guidelines, they use the same old chord mixtures, they have a singer with a plain, clear but uninteresting voice, they use nice simple rhyme schemes, their song names are the resounding cries of their tracks choruses … all the things expected of a normal track.

'Shoulder To Cry On' is the best track on this mediocre demo. In fact, it would certainly make Embrace proud to call their own, and for this I suppose there is a glimmer of hope for Bloom, the pop-rock trio from London. However, they should really try to enhance their simple melodic music to stop it from falling in that overflowing trash can of talent wasted on dull, formulated pop.