The High Plane Drifters - Sweet Poppy Jean

Owain Paciuszko 03/07/2009

Rating: 3/5

Scrappy 80s rock influenced single from Northern two piece who have found their tracks being used by C.S.I. Miami and Breaking Bad, so clearly this is music for criminal minds.

Sweet Poppy Jean is a fast-paced number with a slight BRMC sound, whilst b-side White Star Lightning sounds a bit more like Ozzy Osbourne covering Jefferson Airplane. It's good quality indie rock played with energy and verve and lead singer Timothy Oxnard has an interesting and adaptable voice, the press release is bold enough to admit 'their music is nothing new', which is true, but it's a good accumulation of influences. It's kind of like a friend who has good taste and you can depend on him to recommend some interesting bands to you, but his own band isn't anything special, though you're always happy to go see them live.

If that makes sense?