Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring

Tiffany Daniels 10/02/2010

Rating: 3/5

I am potentially making a mockery of my all-countries-equal ethos, but all the same Aleksandra, who shares vocal responsibilities on “Romance is Boring” with staple frontman Gareth, makes it impossible not to hear Los Campesinos!'s forthcoming single and think, “I swear there's an American woman singing on this”. Although her Russian nationality and consequent acquired chords should be forgiven, it's disconcerting and does not suit the band's otherwise blaring Brits-singing-badly image.

When I force myself to stop pondering this dilemma, the song becomes predictably enjoyable. All trademarks remain: pretentious lyrics and a heavy distain for romanticism plus trashed instrumentation. There's progression, but it's not necessarily positive; with every breath Los Camps are transforming into predecessors Art Brut, and although the originality they retain and the fuller production they embrace means they manage to avoid the threat of a lawsuit, the track pales in the charismatic light of Eddie Argos et al's celebrated singles.

The final recording of “Romance is Boring” may not be as appealing as some of their fans had hoped, but ultimately and regardless of its downfalls, it's still a damn good pop song.

Release date: 15/02/2010