Sean Lennon - Dead Meat

Stephen Bray 13/11/2006

Rating: 2/5

It isn't that “Dead Meat” is a bad track, it's more that it doesn't really leave the listener with much of an opinion of it either way. Coming across like an emasculated Elliot Smith, Lennon Jr. spends the length of this track happily showing us that unlike his Dad (and, to a lesser extent, big brother Julian) he's content to forgo from ploughing his own furrow and more than happy to write and perform a retread of the sort of song that has been done to death a thousand times before. It's a shame really, as there are a couple of nice touches here, notably the string section and a tiny handful of the lyrics although even these are occasionally counteracted by some of the clumsiness of the phrasing.

It sounds like an Elliot Smith fanatic posting a soundalike of Waltz #2 to his first ever Myspace page. Lennon's voice doesn't even approach the standards of Smith either, being a very anodyne American whine without any real depth. This single is, nonetheless, a pleasant enough listen and well produced, but it really is very, very dull.