Sir Yes Sir - Not Excited EP

Richard Wink 14/03/2010

Rating: 5/5

At last! A band from Manchester that we can actually be optimistic about, after several recent false dawns (Delphic? Cherry Ghost? The Courteeners?), at last we have a band that represents the real hustle and bustle of the North, a voice for the rag tag ruffians, and the cocksure blaggers that talk a million miles a minute.

Side A opens with 'Not Excited,' the shredding centrepiece of the EP, a song that acts as a Catherine wheel, scattering sparks everywhere. 'Bass Hit' then follows, flying in the slip stream, a bundle of distortion, ratty rhythms and enthusiastic chuntering. 'Hit' slaps a palm to your forehead, and you begin to think of influences, perhaps Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., or more recently a throwback to the early days of The Cribs.

What is apparent almost immediately is the splendid fusion of chaos within the parameters of the typical throwaway indie song. The DIY spirit operates within the brains of promising songwriters, this isn't just trendy trash. It's nice to hear sounds that are not quite ready to be heard, evidence of a band still ironing out the creases, and sometimes you appreciate this more than a faultless error free debut. Who knows, in time this EP might well be considered a classic, sitting next to Mission of Burma's 'Signals,Calls, and Marches,' the Pixies' 'Come on Pilgrim,' The Smiths 'Peel Sessions EP' and Pavement's 'Watery, Domestic' in the EP hall of fame.

There are reasons to be intrigued, for Side B is merely a trio of odds and ends, alternative versions of songs from the junk box. 'Horse Walking' is adorned with a few bum notes, 'B2.SK 1' is sluggish and deliriously out of key, with 'Have I Fell' the lame duck plodding along, drunk on pain. Many bands wouldn't let such skeletons out of the closet, but that's the endearing thing about Sir Yes Sir, they are unashamedly faulty, wearing weakness as a signifier of future potential.

Release Date: Out Now