The Young Knives - Terra Firma

Matt Harrold 12/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

With the release of 'Terra Firma' Young Knives steal the crown of art rock kings from Franz Ferdinand, whilst cheekily giving them wedgies that'll leave them walking like John Wayne for years to come. Starting off with the sound of a blissed out summer it soon sheds the pretence to morph into a stomping Indie disco, before colliding into the nuclear powered chorus of “fake rabbit/real snake/terra firma/terra firma”. Although some people will be left confused to how this actually constitutes a chorus, in which case they'll need a dictionary to look up the following words: 'Intelligent' and 'Metaphor'.

B Side 'Holiday Everyday' on the other hand is a slower, more disjointed affair. The bass is ordinance heavy, more akin to the sound of artillery rounds impacting when set against the choppy guitar rifts, but it's a more solid offering then average in the world of Bsides. Though the Young Knives could of just have easily recorded three minutes of silence and gotten away with it on the strength 'Terra Firma' alone. So be extra grateful kids that they didn't get lazy on our collective arses.

Release date: 29/10/07