Electricity In Our Homes - We Thought It Was But It Wasn’t (Too Pure)

Sel Bulut 27/06/2008

Rating: 1/5

Post-punk revival will always be a problem. For every Interpol, Clinic and Prinzhorn Dance School there's an Ipso Facto, Neils Children and now the newest batch of London scenesters, Electricity In Our Homes.

The main problem with Electricity In Our Homes is that they confuse influence and imitation. Whilst a band like The Horrors were able to adapt the ragtag and noisy style of the late 1970s post-punk movement into something new, Electricity In Our Home's latest single 'We Thought It Was But It Wasn't' ends up sounding like an outtake from a Fire Engines recording session, complete with the sparse production, spidery guitars and tinny drums that were - mostly due to a lack of budget and technology - a trademark of the Scot rockers. As money and technology problems evidently aren't the case with Electricity In Our Homes, this single becomes even more unforgivable.

Sadly their imitation isn't even particularly good, as at least the obscure acts they cite as their influences were capable of penning some fantastically addictive riffs amongst the general chaos of their music. 'We Thought It Was But It Wasn't' struggles through its incredibly short running time on a paper-thin and wholly forgettable guitar riff, singer Thomas Warmerdam's bargain-bin Mark E. Smith impersonation rumbling awkwardly over the top of it.

Utterly pointless.