Electrovamp - I Don’t like the Vibe in the V.I.P

Thomas 10/01/2008

Rating: 4/5

Electrovamp are two sisters from Wales barely old enough to buy alcohol, but they're seasoned party girls and are inviting you to theirs with a perky debut single made from titanium-smooth electro beats and more “ooh-ooh's” than you can shake a make-up bag at.

Like superfun 90's girl-popsters Shampoo shaking their, uh “peaches and cream”, this is teenage thrills in the form of a lipstick-laced club banger, and leaves no stone unturned, or boy unmolested, in its quest to get fucked up before its three minutes is up. Wink-wink go the sisters, fingers to their naughty lips, asking if you'd you like to “come over in the corner,” and “have a little fun?”. Your answer of “well yes alright, and I'll have a Campari Soda” being lost under a storm of whip-smart drums, sassy vocals and ice-cool synth bleeps so 'now' they'll have dated by Wednesday.

The apparent spontaneity of all this is slightly tarnished when you notice the involvement of megabucks Island Records, suggesting that the whole enterprise is planned to within an inch of its life. And the girls are robots. But who cares, when this is a song you can play to your friends just once, and have them still singing the hook a week later? As the kids say, “tune”.

Watch the video here.

Released 7th of January