Ghosts - Stay The Night

Matt Harrold 14/03/2007

Rating: 2/5

AAAAAAAARGH! My eyes! Look away people for 'Stay The Night' has been polished so highly that even accidental contact with sunlight will leave you wandering around with temporary blindness. Do bands not realise that sometimes they over produce tracks, mixing them into the other, darker side of perfection where by they are so smooth they slide into one ear and back out the other. The brass is bold, the song bounces along like the innocent wee thing and even the vocals are inoffensive and chirpy giving it an overall pop feel with the pretence of being indie. The problem being is that, though it is polished to buggery and back, modern pop has matured beyond the teenage pretence of getting the one you like to stay the night. Hell Girls Aloud with their brand of she-vixen pop would have the Ghosts for breakfast and be left picking their teeth with the left over rib cages.

Released: 19/03/2004