The Wonder Stuff - Blah Blah Lah Di Dah

Bill Cummings 23/01/2006

Rating: 2/5

Jesus, who pressed the rewind button and sucked us back to 1991?The Wonderstuff of course with their new single “Blah Blah Lah Di Dah". It's reminiscent of all the bands from that period (the Boo Radley's and Dodgy particularly spring to mind), but most of all it's the typical sound of the Wonderstuff: shiny guitars, nonsensical lyrics and a chipper melody. It's nice enough: an inoffensive, poppy blast of sunshine to light up your dark winter nights. I just get the feeling that we have moved on somewhat from the days when this kind of janglying smile-on-your-face indie-ness was good enough. Now we want complex chord structures, clever lyrics and a good haircut, don't we? Maybe not, there is beauty in simplicity but there's sometimes laziness in it, this is really the kind of thing they probably knocked out between tea breaks: the lyrics are like a nursery rhythm, and the tune is ten a penny. The Wonderstuff have been going for twenty years: you would have thought there would have been more progression in their sound? But I guess like a mid-table Championship team, they're happy forever being solid but unspectacular.