Bureau - After Midnight

Alex Worsnip 11/10/2006

Rating: 3/5

The one thing about Bureau is that for a small band, they sound extraordinarily professional. This is enormously radio-ready and is not at all what you expect from a debut single. Nevertheless, their sound is commercial partly because it is so derivative. This is, in particular, extremely reminiscent of The Killers, with its big synth riffs and epic disco-rock chorus. It's got the 'now' vocal intonations, all yelping vocals, slightly Futureheads-esque in this regard. B-side 'Doll's House', where they let themselves go a little more, is much better, sounding like a cross between The Fall and Low-era Bowie, more insistently choppy and funky, less straight ahead. It's also a little reminiscent of the more current London band Cherubs, though presumably through shared, rather than direct, influence. The A-side is just slightly too clear a bid for the market, though well executed. But, more songs like the B-side, and there could be some real quality lurking behind the sheeny fa├žade.