La Roux - La Roux

Craig Broad 05/07/2009

Rating: 1/5

Already in 2009, we have been subjected to a long list of NME endorsed acts that are destined to be huge. Little Boots and Florence And The Machine have, with the help of publications like NME, created a huge amount of hype but despite this, their albums have been average and forgettable at best. La Roux are yet another group tipped highly for success, band of the year, album of the year, yadda yadda, you name the superlative and it is nicely pinned to La Roux but does their debut album actually live up to such great words?

To sum it up - No.

Like every other act that NME have somehow churned huge helpings of positivity for this year, La Roux's debut is full of hideously annoying synths that sound as outdated as an old Mario game minus the nostalgia feel, mix this with annoyingly gibbering The Ting Tings-esque female vocals. Every song being exactly the same tempo, it may be a new explosion of pop but when it comes down to it, there just aren't memorable melodies and chorus' like we appreciated our golden oldies for.

You can dress acts up all you like, you can create new movements within music and make a group of people the next big thing but La Roux like most other releases that have been highly publicised so far this year are destined to be a duo that no-one will care about by the time 2010 swings around, let alone have the longevity of the bands they claim to be influenced by.