My Luminaries - Parasol

TC 19/03/2010

Rating: 3.5/5

My Luminaries approach the release of their debut album having been through more than their fair share of upheavals, with both band and label splits over the past couple of years. Signing to V2, the band were bold enough to use the "artistic differences" card shortly after the off, citing the label's desire for "copycat indie hits" and are now taking the even braver step of releasing material via their own label.

'Parasol' is the first single from the album and it is a rework of an old stage favourite. It's a pleasant enough song with a good melody, if only a little unambitious. There are clear leanings towards James, with a swaying full-bodied sound that meanders then rises to a peak. There's a distinct moodiness to the song and, whilst it is perhaps excessively commercial, there is clear indication of the strength of the band. The single comes with a Worship remix of the song and I am no big fan of such cop-outs, but I have to say this one does add a different slant to the song, with the dance beats complimenting the flow, rather than bombarding it. There's also an acoustic version of album track 'Clementine', which is a wistful laid-back piece and again a well written number.

The album, Order From The Chaos comes out in June and sounds like an ambitious project, featuring strings and horns, and there's enough here to suggest the gestation period will have been well invested. For now, the single could well be a copycat indie hit, but merits a good listening to and will have me tracking down the album come the summer.

Release Date: 22nd March