.Sub - Gotterdammerung E.P

Dan Round 25/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

.Sub are an intriguing unsigned act with a unique blend of rock and electronica. Making understated, industrial pulsations, this is the first E.P. by the Norwich based 3 piece. Along the course of the 4 songs, the band impress; opener “Gotterdammerung” is a layered, textured piece of electronic gloom which builds into a guitar heavy belter, and it's “all about control” centrepiece is repeated creating a sense of importance and grandeur, almost. The song is wonderfully wicked.

Following the title track are “Radio Broadcast”, a high tempo, rhythmic song recalling Black Market Music-era Placebo; “Feeding Time”, a twitchy piece of programmed paranoia; and the closing “Nausea”, a synth-led song with dark lyrics, in The Eraser mould.

With a second E.P. expected shortly, and surely an L.P. in the not too distant future, a bit more tweaking and .Sub could be a band to shout about. This sample heavy, well produced E.P. is a good introduction by an inventive band