Bromheads Jacket - Dits From The Commuter Belt

Sam Floy 21/11/2006

Rating: 4/5

After only being around for a couple of years I feel it is quite an achievement for the Bromheads Jacket, primarily originating from Sheffield, to find their debut album at the front of my local HMV store. However after listening a few times to this cracking CD I have no doubt that they warrant their place.

The chatty, chirpy chants at the beginning of the slightly pugnacious “Dits from the commuter belt” were a fine collection of excitable material that feeds a more fiery side of the listener's pallet. 'Poppy Bird' is a cooling contrast and a successful attempt of a punk band toning down for a few minutes on an album. However, just to clarify that they aren't going soft on us, Bromheads follow with the more macho and provocative 'Fight Music For A Fight'.

'One Nautical Mile' is a social, rhythmic journey which is built up around anecdotes of various characters and places you will meet along the way BJ explain “You can see all the chavs stood out, out on the street with their belly out”. An appealing outlook for any newcomers to the area.

In all Bromheads Jacket have produced this jovial, plucky punk album that is enthralling and still rough around the edges. However, twenty minutes after 'Hazy In Yately' finishes and you are still left twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the album to end … it is then that the “Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat” is released from its muted cage. Sounding like a mix between the Clangers, a dial-up connection and an electronic Doctor Who nemesis finally dying - it is a fitting conclusion by the rowdy Bromheads Jacket.