Attack! Attack!

Emma Jackson 01/12/2008

GIITTV's Emma Jackson met up with vocalist Neil from up and coming Welsh rockers Attack! Attack! currently on tour adding their support to Funeral for a Friend.

How did you guys meet?

We all played in bands around the south Wales music scene and got to know each other from playing shows together, Ryan and Mike are cousins also. About 18 months ago myself and Ryan decided to start Attack Attack. Will and Mike seemed the obvious bassist and drummer respectively because they are both very versatile.

How would you describe yourselves?

As individuals, we are all very different. Ryan is the happiest guy alive, Mike is the sensible one, Will doesn't like to talk much and I am a bit of an all rounder depends what mood I am in. As a group together, it gels really well and we just try to make people we speak to / play to have a laugh and enjoy the experience.

If you could collaborate with anyone whom would it be?

I guess it would vary for everyone in the band, but for me I would love to do something with Dave Grohl of the Foo fighters. He's a guy I have respected since I got into music and to do something with him would be awesome.

Favourite venue to play in?

Fav venue for me has got to be Newcastle Academy, both times we have played there the sound has been amazing and the crowd have been off the hook haha!

Favourite place you have travelled too while being in the band?

Japan, just because the culture is SO different to anything I have experienced before, the people there are super friendly and will do anything to make sure you are happy. Good times!

Any gossip about the band - members anything?

Hahahahaha, some stuff I would love to tell you but can't hahaha , Mike and Ryan used to be members of a skate punk gang called punk and skins when they were younger and did some crazy stuff, but you are better off speaking to them about that.

How did you come up with your name?

We were looking for a name and some friends of ours in another band were also thinking of names. They came up with Attack! Attack! But then said they didn't like it. We loved it and immediately said that if they weren't going to use it we would, job done. We kind of liked the way it was in your face and easy to remember, it portrays what why try and do live too. With the aim being put as much energy in as possible and literally attack, in a good way, your ears.

Who has been the most famous person/ or band you have met so far?

We recorded the album with some of the guys from The Lostprophets, they are friends of ours first and foremost but I guess being a platinum selling band they gotta be up there, they are amazing guys too. Ryan got to Play with Green day at Reading 2001 in front of 80000 people and kissed Billy Joe so that must be up there too for him!

What do you love most about where you live?

I love that all my family and friends are around me, also the fact that it's a smallish community so its quite laid back and friendly.

What is an average week in the life of the band?

Get up whenever, go on MySpace and answer messages, make lunch, maybe do some press stuff, try writing material, go to practice, hang out in the evenings, its the best life ever!

Do you have any rituals you must do before going on stage?

Ryan and I do what must seem to anybody listening a ridiculous warm up routine ha-ha. We always wind each other up before we go on to make sure everyone is pumped for the show. The last thing we do is high five each other for luck! We occasionally do a rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody too lol

Best advice your parents ever gave you?

Do what you want to do but be happy!

What's your favourite thing to eat?

Marmite on toast, flaming hot cheetos, curry, anything spicy really.

Favourite unsigned band at the moment?

There are so many good ones, I would have to name a few 84mm , said mike, Ghostlines.

Favourite band of all time?

Pearl Jam, I am a grunge kid!

If you could share a house/flat with anyone who would it be(you are allowed 4 other people)?

Jim Adkins (Jimmy eat world) he likes a beer! Will our bassist cos he is a weirdo ha-ha , Steven Gerard, Legend and George Lucas.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

Making the band as successful as possible and just to keep enjoying life

The album is out on soon, what can we expect from it?

Energy, sing alongs, fat riffs, pop hooks, bass solos, drum fills, a cracking debut!

Favourite track off the album?

Man that's tough. 'Time is up' if I had to name one cos it was a real tough song to sing and put me through my paces but I am stoked with the end result.

Was it a hard decision to reschedule the tour?

VERY VERY hard, we didn't want to mess people round who had already purchased tickets, but weighing it up it was the best thing to do

Are you excited about supporting FFAF and the Blackout?

Hell yeah! The Blackout we get to share a bus with which will I am sure end in chaos most nights! FFAF the venues are all amazing, the crowds will be big. All members of both bands we know very well anyway so its going to be a laugh from start to finish!

How was Reading / Leeds festival?

The best experience we have ever had as Attack! Attack! We were overwhelmed with the turnout, response and general reaction we received. I am not sure how we can top it. Definitely the highlight of 2008 so far!

Did you get a chance to catch any bands? Yeah, The Blackout wit the storm troopers hahah , KIGH, YMA6, Thrice, Alkaline Trio, QOTSA, Bloc Party, The Automatic, highlight for me though was Rage against the machine!! Amazing!

Who designs your merch? he is a very good friend of ours from Cardiff, you rules!

Any weird experiences so far?

Not weird as such but when we got to Newcastle in August we were presented with 90 worth of chocolate by two lovely girls! They had custom made all our fav chocs/sweets and obviously spent AGES making them, they tasted amazing too!

Any final words to your fans, new fans and those who haven't heard of you????

For those of you that have come to shows in 2008 and clapped/sang along thanks so much for your support, can't wait to see you at the next show! For those of you who haven't checked us out yet please do at but make sure you come check us out live cos that's where the real fun begins.

The melody concious quartet, who recently returned from a European tour with The Blackout, can be seen at the following venues:

Mon 1 December - NORTHAMPTON Roadmender
Tue 2 December - HERTFORD Marquee
Wed 3 December - LONDON Barfly
Thu 4 December - YEOVIL Orange Box
Fri 5 December - BRIGHTON Freebut
Sat 6 December - SOUTHAMPTON Joiners

The band released their debut album 'Attack! Attack!' on November 3rd through Rock Ridge Music / ADA Global.