The Tunics

GodisintheTV 03/12/2008

Rising Croydon act The Tunics are Joe Costello (vocals & guitar), Scott Shepherd (bass guitar), and Max Karpinski (drums) their brand of lyric-driven, sophisticated rock'n'roll is being compared to the Arctic Monkeys and The Jam. Next Monday (The 8th of December), see's the release of their debut single 'Cost of Living'. Its the first to be lifted off The Tunics' tipped forthcoming debut album. 'Somewhere In Somebody's Heart'(to be released in March 2009) was recorded with young rising-star producer James Lewis (Cajun Dance Party, the Wombats, and Arctic Monkeys). We were sent a sealed Q+A with the band and told to serve it up for your perusal, so today we are!

How did you all come to meet each other?

We met through respective siblings and friends of friends. Joe met Scott, a long time ago. Scott was one Joe's older brother Sean's best friends at high school. Joe met Max through Max's brother Dan, who was one of Joe's very good friends from high school. Incidentally, we all went to the same school, though we are all from different year groups. The band was then put together in a rather organic fashion, in which Joe knew of both Scott and Max, and of their obvious abilities, and so he started jamming with Scott and putting some of the earlier songs together. Then obviously next we needed a drummer and that is where Max came into the equation.

The Tunics is an unusual name, how did you get it?

Joe came up with the name after he'd seen his favourite band The Libertines were wearing red army jackets on the cover of the NME. So it was obvious what we had to be called.

How would you describe your music to a first time listener?

It is very lyrical and very melodical. Our influences range from Leonard Cohen, to The Who, to Tracy Chapman. As a three-piece, we really do come from different backgrounds musically, and that does come across in the music. We certainly pride ourselves on having diverse and interesting music.

What inspiration do you take from when you are writing your songs?

Joe always writes about things that are going on at that point in his life. All the ideas that are touched upon in the album, reflect something that has occurred that has inspired Joe to write the songs. It ranges throughout the album. From Love to knife crime.

'The Cost Of Living' is released on 8th December. What are your plans after this?

We plan to hopefully get a good radio response from the single, and then take it out on the road and build a strong momentum. We are confident that we are the best band out there and it just a matter of time before everyone knows it. Well... That's the idea anyway

Where did you record the single?

We recorded it at the Fishmarket Studios in Willesden Green

What can we expect from your live shows? What do you bring to your performances that separate you from other acts?

We are all extremely competent at what we do. If beats and notes are missed at all, all hell can break loose. It is an intense live performance because we really bloody care about what we do. We also really enjoy it, which I think comes across during the live shows. We are very involved, and we basically put on a fucking good gig.

Where do you hope the band will be in a year's time?

We hope to be everybody's new favourite band. Stick with us, and we will show you the way.

So what do you think of The Tunics?Are they the latest in a long line of nonedescript guitar acts with dillusions of social commentary, or actually rather smart?