You Say Party! We Say Die! - Like I Give A Care/Opportunity

Matt Harrold 29/10/2007

Rating: 4/5

You Say Party! We Say Die! are the latest export to come out of the land of Maple leaves and laid back politeness (Canada to the rest of us - Ed). Following in the footsteps of such critically acclaimed bands as Arcade Fire and The Besnard Lakes is a tough act, unlike treading the crap stained path of Bryan “Fifteen f**king weeks of the same number one” Adams which would be suicidal (and no we still haven't forgiven you Canadians for foisting his weak wristed, pansy-arsed warblings on the rest of the world). So which prestigious slot do You Say Party! We Say Die! fall in?

Thankfully it's a case of the former rather then the latter with the first song on their double A'side. 'Like I Give A Care' follows in the same indie-punk-dance mix up as Love Is All's catchy as hell 'Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up', all fuzzed out vocals over rifts spiky enough to put your eyes out delivered with the sort of energy that is only ever produced with the detention of nuclear weapons. 'Opportunity' on the other hand finds You Say Party! We Say Die! hanging out with CSS if vocalist Becky Ninkovic's Lovefoxx style singing is anything go by. Not that it's a bad thing, coupled with organ that plays away in the background it melds gothic tones too a righteous tune that'll have you shaking your butt before you can scream “But I can't dance!”.

Released: 29/10/2007