Shimm1 - You Get Me?

Martin Drury 28/11/2005

Rating: 1/5

You Get Me?” is a question from a particular culture. It simply means: “Do you understand what I am saying?” This record isn't a patch on the current rap/hip-hop scene dominated by the likes of 50 Cent and The Games. The record is composed of muddle lyrics that become confused the moment they meet up with dodgy accompaniments and a backing singer who appears to have joined the crew simply to go along for the ride. The record fails to excite or inspire and there's not the slightest evidence of sexual tension between the lyrics, the beats and the rhythms.

The mention of the famous Nativity scene in the “rap” is funny for all the wrong reasons and proof positive that the composing of the lyrics for this record took place within a very short space of time. The rappers ego is omnipresent and there really is no need for the singer to constantly mention himself and his situation. The record isn't even a tune and there's no hope of it ever resembling a song.