The KBC - On The Beat!

Bruce Turnbull 00/00/0000

Rating: 4/5

It's been a long time coming, but underground disco/house/indie rockers The KBC has finally released that all important debut album. Consisting largely of tracks from their assortment of singles and EPs, “On the Beat!” is a wild, undiluted journey into a world thoroughly their own, where their idiosyncratic identity is apparent from the first movement. Kicking off with “Poisonous Emblem”, The KBC run us through a myriad of social commentary, student 'activities' and frankly rather illusive humour. That humour is what makes “On the Beat!” so enduring; so many of these bands proliferate under the spotlight whilst artists like The KBC feed off their commercial failures. The cheeky vocals and astute lyrics of guitarist/vocalist Jimmy break tradition by being both outlandish and incisive at the same time; a mocking, sardonic elixir to the stunning lack of intelligence currently stamping the UK charts.

Rather Killers-esque in its nature, “Not Anymore” stands out as the most potent track, with a simple, brusque chorus and an inventive use of electronics in the intro. “Trippin” follows with crunchy guitars laid over a canvas of sharp 70s disco, leading to again, another belting chorus worthy of the aforementioned superstars. A mass upgrade in song writing from their earlier material has led them to a well represented collection of musical chaos and punk attitude; which in turn has fashioned them an album they should be proud to promote. Incredibly catchy and insanely post-modern, The KBC have crafted an edict others should follow.

Not yet released.Awaiting release date.