A Genuine Freakshow - Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness

Craig Broad 04/03/2011

Rating: 4/5

After a fairly successful few years releasing singles, EP's and touring across the UK almost constantly it seemed, A Genuine Freakshow finally released their debut album 'Oftentimes' late last year on their own record label. 'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness' is the second single from the band that media moguls have described as a thrilling mixture of Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Sigur Rós.

Since the demise of the brilliantly under-rated Youthmovies many of us have been searching for their replacement and it looks like they are here gloriously. 'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness' is immediate, bright and hopeful, working on the vocal interplay between vocalist Timothy Sutcliffe and guest vocalist Hatty Taylor to create a stop-start verse underpinned by some clever brass instrumentation before the guitar and drum driven chorus that sees the vocalists working together to create a wonderfully sickly sweet chorus that will have you eating out of the palm of its hand until you spend the rest of the evening throwing your guts up.

'Hopscotch Machine Gun Madness' is hardly groundbreaking, but its little touches are original and inspiring all the same, and to see such mature and intelligent song writing from a band so early in their music careers shows that Britain might just have a bright musical future after all.

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