The Sunshine Underground

Bill Cummings 05/06/2006

Leeds four piece The Sunshine Underground have been creating waves with the writers here at GIITTV towers since their debut EP "Put You In Your Place" last year, right through to their stunning singles from 2006: "Commercial Breakdown" and "I Ain't Losing Any Sleep."

Representing the big, brave new confidence of Leeds, they are increasingly ripping up the post-Kaisers rule book, creating a sound that encompasses indie and dance elements in the way the Stone Roses and Primal Scream did in the baggy era, stirring it into a melting pot that contains dashes of progressive rock from the likes of Mars Volta and Radiohead. We caught up with Daley from one of the UK's most exciting bands for a chat.

Where are you from?

Shropshire, but we live in Leeds

How did you meet? Form?

We formed in College in Telford

What influences you musically?

We all have very different tastes in music, but can be anything ranging from drum 'n' bass to reggae. It's not good to put limits on yourself.

Who's the main songwriter in your band, or is it a combined effort?

There isn't one main songwriter in the band, we just get together and see what happens. It can start from a guitar riff, or a drum beat or even a sample.

Who writes the lyrics? What inspires them?

Craig writes the lyrics, he generally gets inspired about thing he sees, situations between people, or on the news. Just stuff.

Is playing live vital to you as a band?

Playing live is the most important part of being in a band to us.

What do you think of the current music scene?

There are some great aspects of the music scene at the moment, but also there a lot of waste men about, trying to emulate things from the past. But it's all subjective, one man's rock is another man's mountain.

What's the scene in Leeds like at the moment? There's a lot of talk of a resurgence in Northern music...

Again there is a very healthy side to Leeds music at the moment, alot people trying to push things forward. There is a real DIY sense to things. People are just doing it because they want to and for no other reason. When you take out the pressure to get signed or whatever then great things can happen.

People have compared you to bands like The Music, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, The Mars Volta and others, how justified do you feel these comparisons are ? Do you get annoyed by lazy journalism?

Yes but if people feel more comfortable being able to reference you against something then so be it. I personally don't think we sound anything like those bands. I suppose there are elements............

What singles have you released thus far? Is it true the artwork on your first release "Put You In Your Place" was handmade?

So far we have released Put You In Your Place, Commercial Breakdown and I Ain't Losing Any Sleep. The artwork for Put You..... was originally drawn by our flatmate, but it wasn't a case of each one being drawn by hand, it still wouldn't be released now!

What track are you most pleased with thus far?

We have a new as yet untitled song that will be on the album, which I think is great. Commercial Breakdown always surprises me when I go back and listen to it. They all have a special place.

How important do you think the internet is in spreading the word about your band's music?

I think it's very important not just with our music but all music, it's the most efficient way to communicate there has ever been.

What are your plans for the future? When can we expect your debut album?

Our immediate plans are to do some good shows/festivals and release the album in August time.