Hijera - 'The Pointless' EP

Robert Macpherson 19/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

OK, so we all know the eighties are back in fashion, reminding us of all of its good and bad qualities. Leg warmers, Rubik's Cubes, sleazy US melodramas… well, maybe there was just loads of bad qualities, but there is some hope in the form of Southampton bleep-boppers, Hijera. Their 4-track EP may hark back to a time when EMF were declaring that 'you're unbelievable', but tracks like 'Pointless Cigarettes' and 'Kosmos' have enough of a good vibe about them to be worthy of the re-run.

There is a clear Madchester vibe that runs throughout all of the tracks, Redleif's combination of spoken rhymes and higher pitched shout-out refrains bring to mind images of Ian Brown himself rocking from side to side on stage. 'Chameleon Woman' could easily transform into a rave if it were not held down by the clangy guitar riffs that proliferate the track. The whole EP reeks of sweaty dance floor anthems, but on occasion lacks the energy to pull off the perfect disco-ball heist. Go see them live and let their urban beats come alive.

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