Department of Eagles - Romo-Goth

Thomas 21/08/2006

Rating: 3/5

Dammit, will bands stop putting out singles the wrong way up? 'Romo-Goth' is a shuddering mess sadly missing a tune, like some 10 year-olds on too many Skittles punking up a Depeche Mode song. However all is not lost as B-side 'Sailing by Night' is a far more interesting proposition.

Sounding like Four Tet covering Blur's 'Out of Time', its drum loop has heart palpitations towards the end and morphs the song into a fluttering, string-backed freakout. Lovely pastoral remix from Tunng as well that sounds like an organic, very pretty Postal Service, and seals the deal to make this single certainly worth a listen.

Released on the 14th of August.