Newton faulkner - All I Got

Paul Cook 22/10/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Featuring the rich concoction of delicate guitar melodies and the tranquillity of Faulkner's superb vocal talents, 'All I Got' is the next release from the #3 album 'Hand Built by Robots' and is an instant chart competitor.

Despite some disappointingly unimaginative lyrics the track is sung beautifully by Surrey's newest soul spectacle. 'All I Got' is an enjoyably simple pop song and this is the real beauty of Faulkner's music; the simplicity of the instrumentals, although perfectly suited to his style, allow for the showcasing of his superb voice. 'All I Got' is no different although it appears that on this occasion the song writing isn't quite at the standard of 'Dream Catch Me' yet is satisfying all the same - A well chosen follow-up to his initial successes.