My Lost Youth - Take The Stage

Craig Broad 18/12/2009

Rating: 2/5

There is often an unneeded amount of criticism mounted towards unsigned music. Having been in many unsigned bands myself, I know how difficult it can be, you are playing live as much as possible to try and build a fan base but find that only a man and his dog are turning up to most and inbetween this, you are working full time jobs to pay for rehearsal spaces and recording time. That aside, unsigned bands have the potential to change how a select amount of people view music, afterall, there isn't a huge amount of pressure on getting into the mainstream markets and making anyone else money like you would get with bigger bands like Coldplay, so theory alone says that this should allow bands to remotely want to branch out and be different.

This is part of the reason why My Lost Youth go so wrong for me. They aren't terrible and they aren't offensive, they certaintly aren't anything different either coming across as a mix of emo and alternative rock, with the likes of Angels & Airwaves coming to mind but in reality I think they are building themselves up bigger than they should be because they definitely aren't the polished packaged yet. Despite living in an industry where you can record polished records in a small bedroom with inexperienced people, My Lost Youth have managed to in my mind at least, get the production all wrong. The drum sounds flat at best, the guitars sound bitterly tinny and the bass guitar, well, what bass guitar, it is literally unaudible.

That's not to say that "Take The Stage" is terrible because it isn't. The vocals have potential despite the occassional lapse of tuning and the songwriting in general is okay. The problem is, My Lost Youth sound like a band that need more time, the drums need reigning in as they can sometimes cause the music to lose flow and in general, the band need to spend alot more time writing something that hasn't been written by bands eight years ago, it wasn't entirely good then in a demo format and it isn't great now.

Keep trying guys.

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