The Fondas - D'ya Feel Lucky?

Tim Miller 22/05/2006

Rating: 3/5

The slightly girly-named The Fondas are in fact an all male four-piece hailing from Bristol, and their debut single begins with a quiet, circular guitar refrain; quiet in the same threatening, moody way that Muse's Newborn is. It promises things are about to get a lot louder, and naturally they do. D'ya Feel Lucky?, by the time the distortion fades away, weighs in at less than two and a half minutes long, powering its way around the same three chords. The choruses see wailing vocals and harmonies expand on the angst-ridden guitars, while the verses resume the quiet, menacing state of affairs. The lead and bass guitar trade melodic lines in the gaps, and like going into the eye of a tornado and out again, it's over.

The obligatory B-side is as promising, even though it sounds a rather standard nu-metal plunging chord sequence. The echoed harmonies in the chorus really work, lingering in the song and longer in your head. In the same way as This Et Al and Engerica are slowly working their way up the 'in' ladder, expect to see these shout-out-louds The Fondas to do much the same.