Shy Child - Disconnected

TC 06/03/2010

Rating: 1/5

This New York duo has been knocking around now for ten years, so they predate most of their contemporaries in the synth pop world. In that time, they have played support to Hot Chip, Klaxons and somewhat obtusely Muse. They have also released a trilogy of albums, with number four heading our way later this month incorporating this single release.

First confession from me is that I have heard very little of the band in the past and second confession is that I am not a fan of electropop, as the majority of its exponents I find trite and disingenuous. However, I have tried to absorb this single on its own merits and it has all the trademarks you would expect of the genre, so no doubt fans of Crystal Ting Chip et al will find it appealing....I didn't! It is indeed trite and I found it totally uninspiring, with nothing to separate it from the mass landfill of product currently being pedalled under the genre. It manifests itself as an EP on the basis that it includes four further remixes of the same song, none of which paint a better gloss on the product, with the possible exception of the Shuttle Remix, which adds a tad more zap, introducing an element of character lacking elsewhere.

I don't doubt that the album will be well received and I don't doubt that the band will be well acclaimed. I don't doubt that I won't be asked to review it!