Keane - The Night Sky

Paul Cook 05/12/2007

Rating: 1.5/5

Not an entirely convincing charity song by all means, lacking the passion and soul of a 'Feed the World' or 'Candle in the Wind' and the novelty of Peter Kay's admittedly annoying rendition of 'Is this the way to Amarillo', Keane's 'The Night Sky' is a disappointment which will likely slip under the radar instantaneously. Produced for Warchild, the charity committed to aiding children worst hit by conflict in their countries, it is an energy-less, bore of a Keane song, with no soaring chorus, catchy riff and entirely forgettable lyrics.

On the up side, the lyrics are at least dedicated to the cause with its lengthy chorus line “We'll release this town from the people who are trying to knock it down.” However, the track is much like recent Keane material, with little to make you want to turn it up and plenty to encourage you to turn if off altogether. With any luck the track will make money for Warchild, a charity with a dedication to helping suffering children from the horrors of war. Unfortunately Keane are the current patrons of Warchild and should (and hopefully will) leave it to one of today's newer, fresher, livelier bands as this is lackluster in all areas.