Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

Matt Harrold 27/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

Snow Patrol are getting dangerously close to being known as the heart on your sleeve band, probably much to the annoyance of Coldplay's Chris Martin. He must of really been screwing it when Snow Patrol released the ubber romance of Run onto the unsuspecting world, a song that possibly out does Yellow for sheer “awwwww!” factor. So are Snow Patrol about to cement their place in musical history with their new single 'Open Your Eyes', as the band to play if you want to prove to your girlfriend/boyfriend that you do have a heart beneath that scenester façade?

Well yes and no. Whilst it's typical Snow Patrol territory, finding Gary Lightbody's vocals sounding their usual tender and soft self before soaring away through the chorus. The subject material is familiar territory, unrequited love will always be a big subject with bands it seems. So if you're after drugs, sex and rock'n'roll then please use the appointed exits and find a band who actually have a backbone.

It's downfall though comes in the fact that the hooks aren't anywhere near the level of 'Run', nor does it have the cathartic element that was found in the build up in 'Chasing Cars'. Don't misunderstand, it's a good ballad but not up to the level of past singles. More worryingly though is that there are minor moments where you might realise you've heard it before in some of the earlier Embrace material, you know the period before they turned really, really shit? Though it's doubtful that Snow Patrol will ever reach that level.

Released: 12/02/07