nofitstate circus

Alex Skinner 20/09/2009

Tabu By nofitstatecircus

It turns out that there is a God, Swine flu is only a myth and the polar ice caps are solid as ever...
...Sometimes the unreal only seems to be real as the nofitstate circus show 'Tabu' takes centre stage.
It is a show that comprising all kinds of acrobatics including the tight rope, man-sized metal cartwheels, Chinese pole, trapeze, German wheels, pro hula hoop (with fire) and extreme fire juggling to name a few. A thousand tearful clowns couldn't have dreamt up this a multi facetted, vagabond circus.

There is further confirmation of this surreal event when viewing the twilight entertainment in the flesh. With it's unreal world created the crowd become part of the experience as all performers move amongst the crowd.
The circus top is like a den as different rules apply to the outside World. A place like no other. A place where gravity is challenged and physical artwork dances above your head spectacularly.
The show starts when a crowd assembles in the middle of the tent under a backdrop of shadows performing behind canvas. There is energy throughout as the performers are in amongst the crowd wandering around. The canvas comes down and there are bodies twisting and contorting to the sound if the resident band playing live mood music in the corner. The music fits perfectly for the mood as the music is a coquettish mix of spoken word, jazz, ska and lounge style.

Is it one of those old circus shows with unhappy animals? Not at all, it is a contemporary circus show so delete the traditional circus images you may have. The images of clowns and animals or even clowns riding animals is in the past. Things have moved on with a bang to create inspirational performance anyone can enjoy. BANG!

No fit state circus should cherished. At the start of the second half of the show, all performers line up in a poignant manor on a platform. They are all artists of their trade. They create a world like no other but, it takes its toll on the fine tuned bodies of each and every performer. They live to entertain.

God knows where this magical tour will end? It will indeed change people's worn down perceptions of the circus. It will in fact, make you want to run away and join them. This experience is a contemporary hot bed for skilled entertainers.
It is a must see. A bohemian circus dream that throws a cream pie in the face of convention.

In Cardiff until the 27th September.