Dinosaur Jr. - Over It

Michael James Hall 06/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

Back in the heady days of Grunge, Dinosaur, in particular their iconic leader J Mascis were not only considered Godfathers of the scene but also a ripe commercial prospect.

Interestingly, Mascis has outlived the careers of many of his contemporaries along with those of many of the bands he influenced, to bring us the reformed, re-invigorated Dinosaur that delivered 2007's excellent Beyond album and those superbly loud, stand-out sets at last year's All Tomorrow's Parties.

This new single, a teaser for their forthcoming and wonderfully titled album 'Farm' is a striking blend of Crazy Horse-inspired sludge guitar married with a delicious, shimmering melody and those trademark nonchalant, mumbled lyrics.

Backed with a sludgy take on Tarpit, it's a great single that recalls very early tracks like In A Jar while keeping one eye on the tone of their most successful album Where You Been.

It may not win over any new converts and the days of Dinosaur's singles hitting the top 20 (believe me, they really did!) are probably long gone, but the mumblin' stumblin' guitar genius is still shaking out gems like apples from a tree.