The Steers - Julia

Paul Cook 20/04/2008

Rating: 1.5/5

The Steers are catchy and well produced but so are dozens of other bands and despite new single Julia being a testament to this, there is little here to differentiate the band from all those other acts on the market.

A simple enough riff and standard rolling drumbeat make up the single and the vocals are, albeit polished, as common as the first word in their name. Run-of-the-mill records just won't get you anywhere these days - everyone's at it and unless The Steers pull something seriously more original and exciting out of the bag in the very near future there is a grim future ahead. The talent appears to be there but the song-writing is bland and the sound as a whole is tiresome. B-side The Same Game is ironically representative of the band's position amongst other bands in the industry at the moment and offers just the same deftly boring, annoyingly accented vocals as the first track.

Released on Kids Records on 5th May