The Blakes - Blakes, The

Alex Skinner 18/07/2008

Rating: 3/5

Destined for big things The Blakes are marching onwards with a noble cavalier mixture of attitude and harmonies to get your feet tapping as if on they're own volition.

Relationships, quite the hassle aren't they! So very many feelings ricocheting of the walls. One minute your gently spooning the next second your soul has been diced and fed to the wolves. Through a variation of power tunes the well kempt indie rockers go all out in a plethora of gut wrenching sensations and lyrics to match what happens in such rough times. Those dastardly rampallian harlot girls seem to cause all kinds of a ruckus to the Seattle three piece. The opener 'Two Times' is a howling mad demonstration of being afloat in a sea of emotion. One of the many stand out tracks 'Don't bother me' soon follows and is a whimsical classic in the making, forcing you to sit up and take notice.

The Blakes are fully loaded to stir up an essence of lusty masculine lyrics in a gritty, garage rock way that Is pretty damn cool. Anything for the ladies? If you enjoy sweet, sweet rock there are no problems. If you enjoy the works of Julia Kristeva (understandably post-structuralism is a different kettle of fish) there may be troubles ahead.

One hell of an album package sporting a cheeky crazy little fox surrounded by a glow of emotive colours. These illustrations are impressive in delivering a professional and well rounded product that is lovely to hold and scamper though the lyrics. The Blakes credentials are immaculate. Give it a listen, I dare you.