Beck - The Information

Bill Cummings 22/09/2006

That postmodern musical magpie, Beck releases his new Nigel Godrich produced album "The Information" on October the 2nd. Followed by the single "Cell Phone's Dead" on October 9th. Watch his new video here:
Beck- Cellphone's Dead-video

Here's the blurb: "Ever growing and expanding, Beck manages to stay familiar and fresh. First single Cell Phone's Dead starts with a climatic opening few bars that give way to a robotic keyboard riff with Beck's unique rapping over the top, instantly making the track recognisable as another Hansen masterpiece.

Strange Apparition takes a more traditional route and flows with a beautifully heavy piano riff. US single Nausea has a down and dirty rock feel to it and takes Guero's Black Tambourine to the next stage. The album climaxes with the epic Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton, thirteen minutes of dub infected eeriness, complete with the ghostly strains of Cell Phone's Dead echoing throughout as well as a bizarre appearance by the shipping forecast. Listen to the end to hear Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze talking about spaceships. Only on a Beck album…"

And just to prove that Beck's imagination is not limited to his music, the album itself will come with a blank CD sleeve and a sheet of stickers for the listener to make their own sleeve. Also accompanying the 17 track audio cd (the UK version will have two bonus tracks, Inside Out and This Girl That I Know) will be a DVD of homemade videos shot during the recording of the album, one for every track, featuring a host of family, friends and players.