Comeg - Savage

Natasha Footman 01/04/2005

Rating: 3/5

Coemgen Savage is a talented man; the entirety of his songs are written and performed solely by him, he has produced the album Savage without a label and all the artwork and design is his. Listening to his music, I am impressed by his skills at diversity but there is certain emptiness and plainness to the songs that I assume is from the lack of energy and individuality different members of a band bring to their music.

The opener, Torch Song Blues, is throbbing and catchy with powerful guitar riffs leading the song. Here Inside Your Heart follows it, an extremely U2-esque composition where COMEG's slightly scratchy vocals soar greedily. These first two songs surprise me when I first hear them; they are not masterpieces but well accomplished, fluid tracks that set the standards for the rest of the album, which, after an impressive start starts to dwindle and lapse into regularity half way through. That said, there are components of Savage that are close to stunning. On Rise, COMEG's voice has a shimmering quality to it that simmers the air around my ears and That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore has an indie-rock beat to it that is highly addictive, viciously broken up by crashing cymbals that edge it up above average. However, the flashes of brilliance are too sparse and though Savage is an immediately likeable album it does not evolve with further listening. The closing song is a slow burning bore which sounds too much like a thousand other wannabe anthems and it is a shame the promising start to the album isn't maintained through to the end.

COMEG is undeniably very clever and Savage is an album with a few inspired songs, but the guy could do with a producer to enhance and hone his music into better constructed albums.