Dinosaur Pile-Up - Birds and Planes

Sam Lee 01/08/2010

Rating: 4/5

Oh look, it's yet another rock band. Y-a-w-n. But hold on one cotton-pickin' minute, partner. Dinosaur Pile-Up are more than just 'yet another rock band'. Along with the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses and Future Of The Left, this Leeds-based trio are grabbing rock by the lapels, telling it to "GET WITH THE PROGRAM, GIRLFRIEND!" - and making it relevant and exciting all over again.

'Birds and Planes' is a big ol' slice of raw garage-rock. Coming on like a more angular Foo Fighters, or even a heavier Supergrass, it maintains an exhausting level of energy and ferocity throughout its entire three-and-a-half minutes. 'Birds and Planes' has come at just the right time for rock, when the scene seems to be overrun with frankly disgusting Americanised Kids In Glass Houses-esque bands, who are far more interested in GHDs than AC/DC. Thank the Lord, then, for Dinosaur Pile-Up.

Release date: 26/07/2010