Rotary Ten/Colour - Time Is Not A Line, And I Am Not A Rock/Chutes

Louise Evans 01/05/2008

Rating: 4/5

Sheffield based Rotary Ten and Kingston based Colour have joined forces to release this download and limited edition 7” split single. Whilst both bands can easily be placed under the ubiquitous indie-pop banner, there's more than enough on display to warrant a closer listen.

Rotary Ten's 'Time Is Not A Line, I Am Not A Rock' starts off sounding just like any other lively guitar band out there, but it soon comes into its own. Complex guitar lines and feverish drumming give the track an upbeat infectious melody onto which the often high speed vocals sing out an anthemic chorus. This is swiftly followed by Colour's 'Chutes' which has a more downbeat opening before the high octane energy kicks in. jumpy and bold, 'Chutes' is a well executed edgy pop track with enough substance to hopefully attract more than just the skinny jeans and haircut brigade.

Neither track here offers anything new or wildly imaginative, but both tracks are very good examples of how this type of music should be - something a lot of bands out there should take note of.