Passion Pit - Chunk Of Change EP

Charlie Ralph 15/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

Electronics are very much 'in' for 2009. There is so much swelling in the current market for new electro bands/singers that it's hard for any to stand out. Whether it be Little Boots, La Roux, Gary Go or fellow tip for 2009 Passion Pit. Their new E.P Chunk Of Change has a very important job to do. It has to make Passion Pit stand out from the rest of the crowd so they don't get left behind. It is lucky then, that this is exactly what these 6 tracks do.

Focusing much more on the electronic than the pop side of things, Passion Pit manage to find the perfect middle line between Kraftwerk and Asobi Seksu, then make it much more accessible to your average casual music listener. This American 5-piece make no bones about their pop sensibilities either, this short selection of songs is packed with hooks and choruses that the writers of Sugababes and Girls Aloud songs would certainly want to keep a hold of, but maintains that respectable, Hot Chip-esque edge throughout, meaning hipsters won't have to feel dirty listening to them.

So out of the quagmire of electronic acts swelling around the 'almost big' status at the moment, Passion Pit have made an E.P that definitely shows they deserve to stand out among the bunch, and if they can maintain that perfect balance, they are surely on the brink of something massive.