Kieran Leonard - Gin in Teacups interview with...

Alisha Ahmed & Federica Frezza 21/02/2011


One of the most peculiar interview we've brought to you so far... and hopefully that says something already!
Granted the privilege to have access to the brilliant mind of Kieran Leonard, we unleashed the most philosophical side of us and tried not only to understand the journey of this amazing artist but also to get his take on ethics, poetry eventually getting to one of the trickiest question of all times: Byron or Keats?
He probably gave the only answer which one can define as "right"... you don't often get access to such a beautifully intricate mind in such an honest and open way. So much so this is the first time we had to go dare and experiment, and the interview actually became a double take, shot at two different times, to see how different situations and environments could affect these kind of question. And Mr Leonard exceeded any expectation we might have had... definitely a brilliant one...