Their Strange Gathering - Their Strange Gathering

Owain Paciuszko 10/12/2008

Rating: 3/5

Twinkly indie-pop in the Snow Patrol-mold from South London band showcases strong production that lets the choruses soar and shimmer like most of Xfm's drive-time playlist. Opening track 'Requisite' goes through many sections, and sounds like all manner of uplifting, anthemic bands and this is both a blessing and a curse as the song is not strong enough to really hold comparison to more successful acts but bodes well for the band's future in producing pleasing pop music.

Second track, 'Sadly Missed By Some', begins well before going a tad emo on the chorus. Yet it manages to gather itself together for a nice instrumental pre-climax that sees all four members working together well. This EP closes with 'There Is Change' that has further swashes of Snow Patrol permeating it, though the band show some invention with the interweaving vocals which work well against the contemporary-U2 style guitar line.

It's a little hard to seperate a lot of the style of this record from other, current chart-friendly indie acts but that's not too much of a disservice to this band as they have some style of their own and with time could grow into a band that makes as much of a worthy impact as Snow Patrol did when they finally broke through.