Morton Valence - Chandelier

Bill Cummings 03/06/2008

Rating: 4/5

Vaudeville, Londoner's Morton Valenece offer up a swooning, gorgeous tale of unrequited love, conjuring up images of couples entwined in stately ballrooms, Boy/girl vocals effortlessly trip from the tongue: chorusing on lines that see the hopeless beauty through a blurry end of the night low. ('We'll see the ugly disappear/ we'll be waltzing home tonight') Whilst a soundtrack twinkles with elegant waltzing rhythms, pulsing glocks, and neon swathes of snythiser drift around your head. The sound of the literate male/female electro indie of Black Box Recorder, clutched to the bosoms of the aching pyschadelia of Oooberman.

Bside Go To sleep spotlights Anne Gilpin's delicately hushed vocal tones: are whispered warmly, while subtle guitar lines rock you off into the land of slumber.

Morton Valence want you to share in their success too, selling shares in their forthcoming new debut album 'Bob and Veronica ride again' to fans spurning traditional record label model in favour of cutting out the label middle men. I suggest you buy yourself a piece in this band's record, frame it and place it on your mantelpiece for prosperity.